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Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Gigakart greetings to you! Using our online store signifies your acceptance of and agreement to be bound by the accompanying terms and conditions. If you disagree with any of these terms, please do not use this website.

Terms and Conditions

  • You are a competent user who is able to enter into a contract, thus you satisfy the requirements of the Indian Contract Act.
  • No local legislation specifically forbids you from carrying out these kinds of transactions on Gigakart.
  • You are not misusing anybody else’s login credentials or any other data—such as user names, email addresses, passwords, bank account information, etc.—without first receiving authorization from the appropriate authorities.
  • You are utilizing a secure internet connection and your device is clean of malware and viruses.
  • Without previously informing the consumer, Gigakart is entirely authorized to discontinue the transaction and take appropriate legal action against the guilty customer if we discover any such activity, omission, or use of any such technology.
  • The customer bears full responsibility for using the website, placing orders, and entering the required data. upon the completion of the transaction and placement of the order.
  • When navigating a website, it is the customer’s responsibility to provide proper information and place orders. Once the transaction has been completed and the order has been placed, Gigakart disclaims all duty for data entry errors. The customer can still utilize the given method to email the appropriate Gigakart representatives at However, Gigakart will determine whether or not to answer the customer’s requests.
  • The only person obligated to provide a correct shipping address is the customer. Gigakart disclaims all liability for refunds, returns, or other types of assistance in the event that a client provides an incomplete or erroneous address and the product is delivered to the address that later turns out to be incorrect.
  • Gigakart is the owner of all content, data, products, and pictures on
  • It is prohibited to post, copy, download, transfer, transmit, retransmit, circulate, disseminate, generate, republish, recompile, disassemble, edit, or utilize any exclusive content made accessible through for profit.
  • Any accidents arising from the activities or inactions of any websites that may be hypertextually connected to are not Gigakart’s responsibility. It is not a part of these websites as a subsidiary.
  • Any linked website’s content is not under Gigakart’s control. Links to other websites are provided just for user convenience and you access them at your own risk.
  • Gigakart only saves and retains the personal contact information of its customers for analytical purposes or for any other purposes outlined in the previously mentioned policies. Specifically, Gigakart contests that it possesses or has access to any financial data belonging to its customers, such as credit card numbers, bank account numbers, etc.
  • The user assumes full responsibility for any mishaps that may arise from using this website; neither Gigakart nor any of its affiliates will be held liable for any data leaks or transactional hazards.
  • To get their problems addressed, customers should first contact with the appropriate Gigakart officer if they have any complaints regarding the company’s goods or services. We promise to give our customers the greatest service possible and to work quickly to find a solution.
  • In the event of a dispute, only courts located within the borders of New Delhi will have the authority to hear arguments and render rulings. It also specifies that all other courts of the Republic of India, including those in Jammu and Kashmir, are specifically excluded from this jurisdiction and that only the courts located inside the limits of New Delhi shall have the power to try and decide the issue.
  • You have read and comprehended these terms and conditions before moving forward and finishing your order at

Changes to the Terms of Use Policy

Gigakart retains the right to update, modify, or amend these Terms and Conditions in its sole discretion and without previous notice. It is advised that users review the Terms and Conditions from time to time for any modifications. Following revisions, users are presumed to have accepted the amended terms if they continue to use the website.

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